Monday, October 5, 2015


Poor guy has pneumonia again! He can't seem to get better and stay better. Finally this summer he was able to walk again but had to stopat the beginning of September because he got sick. I was gone to Colorado and he did ok. Complained about having sinus issues. When I got home I had to turn around the next day to go to Orem to help Adam and Julie move. Of course Larry got sick! We came home a couple of days later and I took him to the Dr. He got a couple of shots which seemed to help. Meantime I got sick but like most women I only pent 2 days laying low. I am sure now I had the same thing just not as severe as Larry. He went to the Dr. and had a chest exray done and they confirmed the pneumonia! So for the last 4 weeks he has been down! I hope that we can get him better so he can enjoy some of life. Seems like he sometimes just doesnt want to be better and likes being sick!!!

Monday, April 6, 2015


So somedays are wonderful, spectacular and downright awesome...and somedays are well...just great. We sure have had the illness around here! We did make it to California later in Febuary and part of March but Larry spent most of the time feeling sick...he still was dealing with the shingles and then he came down with a bad cold and it turned into a cough and then and so on. After going to a specialist he found out that he will need some sinus surgery to get them open and functioning correctly. That will happen in May. Then the other day I had an explosion in my head and throat and ears, went to his specialist and now I have to have sinus surgery to scrape my sinus. This I am not happy will take a couple of weeks before I can really do anything afterwards! I am not sure if I can deal with that. And then he will have his times ahead!! So staying positive is going to be a challenge i think!

Friday, January 30, 2015


Today I need this...Larry has shingles and I have not had the chicken this should be interesting...since I have already been exposed then I guess I don't need to leave. We are suppose to be taking our yearly birthday trek to SoutherN California for my birthday...well it doesn't look like we will be going this poor sweetheart can't seem to get a break. Needless to say he is very down in the mouth about this one. And selfish me is very disappointed about not going to the beach!

Tuesday, January 27, 2015


Love going to the pool early in the morning. Right now the air outside is crisp and clean and so refreshing. Inside the pool area is warm and inviting. The water feels like warm silk against your skin. Yes I could live in the water. When I was a kid that is where I always was...if you couldn't find me I was in the pool at my friends house. I loved it there. Something about water that makes me feel alive. When I was pregnant with my daughters (who were due in the summer) those last few months I would head to the pool to get relief. I can't explain why but I know that is where I love to be the most. So a few years ago when I made a new friend we headed off to the pool to get some exercise. Best decision for me and I have an awesome friend because of it. Now my husband has finally seen the light and he is joining me in the water. I love being able to spend that time with him! Usually I am not into the astrological signs but mine is Aquarius which is water. So heres to being the best noodle floater at the pool!

Monday, January 26, 2015


Somedays I feel like I take the road less traveled A LOT! I know I don't always fit in and that is ok but it can lead to a little stress. Although the road less traveled has gotten me to where I want to be. I am grateful for that. We all make mistakes but the trick is to learn from them and keep going. We make the best decisions with the information that we have at the time. The next day we may get a new piece of information and it can make our previous decision look foolish. Keep going down the road that you feel is right for you!

Wednesday, December 31, 2014


We are getting ready to celebrate a new year...2015! Can not believe that we are at 2015....this year has gone by so fast. and it was a wonderful year again! When you don't work time moves at such a different pace. Some days you can be bored out of your mind and then bam you have so much to do that your head spins. I never make new year resolutions because I think that we need to constantly make changes to our lives. Some times we make resolutions and then feel like failures when we don't meet those goals. When actually the goal or resolution really didn't fit our needs...what we feel we need to do today may not be the best over all resolution for our lives. Example...we all want to lose weight so we say no to the piece of chocolate cake. Instead we should have the goal of feeling healthier each and everyday. Goals and resolutions are great just make sure that they are helping you really accomplish what you want! Heres to a wonderful 2015!

Monday, February 10, 2014


Not all birthdays are equal…sure its equal from the stand point you get anther year older each time but that is about all that is the same. I usually don't like my birthday don't care to celebrate it and so I am rather grumpy on the day. This year was different. On Friday the 7th of February we had my brother Tim's memorial. I spoke at it and absolutely nailed it…I try not to be proud of myself but I was that day…it truly made me feel good…when my brother Jim said I did a good job and he really meant it I felt really good! We had 15 of my cousins and their spouses and it was so great to sit and talk with them. We have amazing cousins and they are just special…some traveled from a far and that was so humbling that they would do it to honor our family. The afternoon was so enjoyable and rejuvenating. I love my cousins. Megan and Ron were there and as always such a big help with everything...Meg is a shinning star! Love that kid. On Saturday the 8th we had a ball going to Huntington Beach for a family was so nice to make this happen...One of my favorite all time things to do. Lots a great laughs around the bonfire as we ate hotdogs and samores! On Sunday we went to Rubys on the pier and enjoyed the view and walk on the pier. We played phase 10 and we do have some cheaters among us...and competition. Ron and Megs just can't give it a rest. It felt great to have my kids around me and having had been awhile! Then the big birthday...Megs, Ron, Pattianne and LJ all made breakfast for me and it was yummy! Presents and presents...that was fun. Megan and Ron gave me this cool thing to put my jewelry in so I can hang every thing, Pattianne and LJ gave me a sign that I had seen on Pinetrest but Patti didn't know that I wanted one...she made it for me...really cool...and Larry gave me a new Camera that I have been wanting forever! Everything was so perfect and then later in the evening we went to dinner at the Boiling Crab my favorite spot to go for bday dinner! What I think the best part was is that we were all together and what fun it was. That part was my favorite. So this year I have to say that getting a year older was not as bad as I had thought it would be!

Wednesday, October 16, 2013


I write making a commitment to post more often. Between this and my pictures that is all that I will have when it coms to my legacy. It was a pretty great summer. Spent a lot of time in Colorado dealing with the house and visiting with grandkids. Also spent a lot of time in the Brigham City was a life saver! It felt great being in the water, relaxing after a vigorous work out and watching the beauty of the Mountains. I love this area

Saturday, April 27, 2013


it has been quite some time since I have written in where does the time go? I need to remember this is a great outlet for getting out what is bothering my soul. So once again I will commit to writing in here more than every year! Life is good...

Thursday, July 26, 2012


Today is Thursday...weeks go by fast! Yesterday I spent a couple of hours with one of my best friends, Aileen...she just happens to be 90. When I am 90 I want to be just like, good looking, funny, still driving, positive, spiritual, and the list just goes on. We love each other because we can say absolutely what we want and the other doesn't judge nor tell everyone. This is great friendship. The element of trust is key. Recently Aileen lost her husband of almost 25 years. Reed was an exceptional person. Pilot in WWII, dentist by trade and exceptional man by life. He wasn't pretentious. We would sit on their patio with our sodas and talk for hours. It felt good to slow down and just share some life experiences whether it be about family or accomplishments or failures. We had some great laughs and great cry's on that patio. Those talks with the 4 of us will be missed. Through them we have met some outstanding people. Aileen and Reed just have a habit of rubbing off on everyone. So my visit with her last night was all over the board...she always makes me feel like the most important person in the world!!